Hauppauge Digital has unveiled a range of new products at CeBIT, including a portable media player with Freeview, a high-definition video recorder for PCs, and a "double twin" TV tuner for Vista and Media Center.

The new Hauppauge "PMP" is a portable player with 320 x 240 3.5-inch screen, mobile Freeview TV reception, EPG and text functions.

Available from April, priced at 149 euros, the 200 gram player measures 12 x 7.8 x 2cm and features a rechargeable Lithium battery with a 4-hour life.

Designed to auto-synchronise via USB with a Vista or Media Center PC, a plug-in SD/MMC card stores recorded music, video and images with support for photos in JPEG, audio in MP3 and WAV and video in MPG, VOB and AVI (MPEG4 ASP, XviD, DivX 4.0/5.0).

The new Hauppauge HD-PVR is a plug-in USB stick with a built-in H.264 HD encoder to view and record HD video on a PC. The package also includes software to create HD disks for playback on a Blu-ray player. The new HD-PVR stick can encode 720p and 1080i HD sources at up to 13.5 Mbps on the fly to the PC's hard disk.

Available at the end of March for 199 euros, the HD-PVR stick is also supplied with Arcsoft PC authoring software that can burn video HD DVDs for playback in Blu-ray players.

Lastly, the HVR2200 is the world's first double twin tuner TV card for desktop PCs. The PCIe card includes two analogue and two digital Freeview tuners, and is desgined as an add-on for Windows Media Center and versions of Vista with TV capabilities.

Priced at 129 euros, the Hauppauge HVR2200 guarantees twin-tuner functions inside and outside Freeview areas, and comes complete with analogue video capabilities, so it can be connected to a camcorder or set-top box.

The HVR2200 comes complete with Windows XP MCE and Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate (32- and 64-bit) WHQL drivers and will ship in March.