Three new devices that plan to give you more information than you could possibly need about your electricity usage in your home have been unveiled at EcoBuild in Earl's Court, London, this week.

Although still at concept stage, the company, Green Energy Options, say the new models will be available to buy in the UK in July.

The new devices called Solo, Duet and Trio will work in a similar way to the Wattson and Efergy energy consumption displays by allowing you to monitor your electricity use around the home.

The entry-level Solo Smart Energy Monitor will give you digital readouts on present consumption in kW, money per hour and CO2 as well as cumulative consumption of the day.

Users worried about how much fuel they get through compared to the "norm" will also get a daily fuel tank gauge to see how they are doing.

The Duet plans to offer a little more data and will feature a larger screen, offer the same electricity usage readings, however it adds the ability to monitor and control up to six individual electrical appliances so you can see how much energy devices like your television actually use.

The flagship model of the range will be called the Trio and will be software based. Like the Solo and Duet still in concept stage the software is currently being shown on the rather expensive Samsung Q1 UMPC.

Green Energy Options promise however that the final device although still touting a 7-inch touchscreen will only cost around £400.

Using the portable screen, users will be able to monitor up to 100 individual devices around the house via specially adapted plugs that monitor electricity usage.

Users will also be able to display up to 2 months history, get energy saving advice and alerts based on their usage and access the company's web-enabled analysis programs of how they are using their energy and how can improve.

The company says it is also developing a system for schools and small businesses.

Prices are expected to be around £70 for the Solo up to £400 for the Trio.