Every now and again someone takes a fairly conventional item – like the humble bicycle saddle – and does something truly bizarre.

The MoonSaddle, as its name implies, is shaped like a crescent moon. This ergonomic “noseless” design eliminates the part of the seat that comes in contact with the perineum of a cyclist.

The designers claim that because the seat supports the bike rider's weight on the “sit” bones - which have no attached organs, nerves, or arteries and are surrounded by the fat and muscle of the buttocks - riders can sit safely and comfortably for longer periods.

Apparently it is suitable for all ages and body types, including women and children. The MoonSaddle attaches to most bikes in minutes with common tools and is ideal for casual and recreational cyclists as well as bicycle commuters.

We can’t vouch for whether it is more comfortable or not, but if you fancy something different, and have a spare £49.99, it might be right up your street.