Bye Bye Standby is an energy saving device that allows you to remotely cut power to electrical devices that are in standby mode.

The company behind the product has now launched seven extension products to the range allowing you to automate the standby process.

The range now includes a motion sensor, which allows you to switch off devices just by walking out of the room.

The Bye Bye Standby key fob gives you the benefit of turning
appliances off from up to 30 metres away - ideal if you've locked up the house and have forgotten to switch something off.

As well as the motion sensor and the key fob, also available in the range is a wall switch, which allows you to switch off any electrical appliance as you would a light switch.

You can even set the mood of the room from your sofa with the Bye Bye Standby lamp dimmer, which allows you to brighten and dim lights remotely.

A heavy duty socket is also available, as well as a dual pack of sockets and an extra remote.

Pricing as follows, all products now available online.

Bye Bye Standby heavy duty socket £11.99
Bye Bye Standby lamp dimmer £11.99
Bye Bye Standby motion sensor £14.99
Bye Bye Standby wall switch £9.99
Bye Bye Standby key fob remote £7.99
Bye Bye Standby remote control £7.99
Bye Bye Standby pack of two sockets £14.99