Hercules has announced it will be adding the "Dualpix Chat and Show", a new flagship high-end webcam to its range, this month.

The new webcam boasts never-before-seen features designed to make online video communication a far more engaging experience by allowing users to both video chat and show off photos simultaneously.

With Chat and Show, Hercules says users can interact with their contacts as if they were in the same room. Users can show photos or slide shows while still viewing their contact via a video window that is run during chat and presentation sessions.

There is even a hand-shaped pointer which allows users to pinpoint detail on pictures in real time.

Hercules claims that the whole process is intuitive and simple with no lengthy downloading of images or time-consuming conversion required prior to sending the images as it all works in real time.

The Hercules Dualpix Chat And Show will be available mid-February with a price of £34.99.


- 5 Megapixels in photo mode (with interpolation)
- 1280 x 1024 megapixels in video node
- Embedded Microphone and additional microphone headset
- USB 2.0 video class (UVC) compliant
- 3 photo modes – single shot, burst and self-timer
- Face tracking
- Automatic file transfer
- High quality finish with modern design