Another addition to the range of IXOS products for the iPod, the Argo is a new compact unit with a solid 12 watts of power, 4 drive units and FM Radio.

It's described as the perfect unit for the kitchen or study running off mains, or thanks to the AA battery power option just right to annoy the neighbours from the garden, pool or patio.

A stereo speaker system for all iPods, apart from the shuffle, it boasts the "Made for iPod" stamp of Apple approval.

There's an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input for MP3 players and portables and USB hook-up too.

The ARGO speaker system will work straight off with some iPod models, but is currently supplied with adaptor cartridges for the certain iPod models - more info about which is what on the IXOS site.

The IXOS XMI318 ARGO portable stereo speaker dock for iPod with FM radio is £49.99, available now.