If you are fed up of waiting for the kettle to boil perhaps you need the HydroTap from Zip Heaters.

The tap, which has just landed in the UK is a kitchen sink tap that dispenses instant, filtered, chilled and boiling water from the same tap unit at the touch of a button.

Costing over £2000 (slightly more than your average kettle) the company claim that it is up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle.

In addition HydroTap has two sleep modes that can be programmed for those worried about energy conservation.

These modes can be set to "power down" the systems after either 2 or 4 hours inactivity.

It can also be programmed to cycle on and cycle off at a pre-determined time each day.

When reactivated, the heater returns to a useable temperature within 3 minutes.

HydroTap is also available with oversize levers for those users who prefer them and the boiling water element has a safety lock feature.