Puma has launched the next generation of its v1.08 ball, complete with a d3o cushioning layer that makes the ball the world's first "intelligent" football.

The d3o layer (from UK-based material developers, d3o) affects the material's sensitivity to impact speed so means that the Puma v1.08 ball can display said "intelligent" behaviour.

When dribbling the cushioning layer retains its soft feel, but when impacted at speed (i.e., a powerful shot on goal) the d3o molecules lock together instantaneously to increase the ball's acceleration off of the foot.

In comparative tests by Sheffield Hallam University, at high impact speeds, the new Puma v1.08 leaves the foot 6% quicker than previous Puma balls and quicker than all other brands' leading match balls.

The Puma v1.08 ball will be used by Puma national teams including World Champions Italy and Euro 2008 hosts Austria and Switzerland, it will also be available to buy later this year for 100 euros.