Griqit is a pocket-sized barcode-reading, battery-powered device for people with lots of books, DVDs, music, games and other stuff.

The company says that if when shopping you sometimes ask: "Do I have this already?" you might need one.

(We think if you ask yourself this question on a regular basis you might need to re-assess your spoilt, materialistic lifestyle - but that's just us.)

The Griqit reads and remembers barcode information, stores it in lists, and compares new information with these lists.

So, when out shopping, barcodes can be checked on new items to see if they are already owned.

It can be used alone, but it has a USB port. With your computer it can communicate with the Groqit website - which offers translations and organising tools.

The Groqit is being launched in the States at $95.00.