Maplin has launched the "Mini Pocket DV with Sporty Cam".

Fitted with a detachable sports camera that can be attached to clothing, this digital video camera is designed capture all your sporting action.

The 10-megapixel DV camera has a digital image stabiliser for said sporty shots and a highly technical elastic band gizmo that means it can be attached to either the arm or the head for hands-free filming.

As well as its photographic abilities, the device offers a built-in MP3 player with 15 channel equaliser and four audio FX settings.

Accessories include a remote control, a tripod, pouch and earphones, USB cable and USB adaptor, AV cable and a quick guide and a CD-Rom, that we assume contains the software necessary to see the action on your PC.

The new Mini Pocket DV with Sport Cam (product code: A21HK) is available from Maplin for £149.99 - but is on sale for a limited introductory price of £99.99 until February 20, 2008.