Following Steve Jobs' announcement at Macworld2008 that the iPod touch would be getting five new applications - but at the cost of $20 to current owners - we asked the Pocket-lint readers if they thought folks


shell out for updates.

It seems Apple's new policy is not popular with our readership. When asked, "Do you think iPod owners should have to pay $20 for software updates?" a whopping 77% said no and just 23% said yes.

The five new applications for the iPod touch are Stocks, Mail, Notes, Maps and Weather. These applications included on the iPhone, and anyone buying a new iPod touch from now on will get them for free.

This had led to Apple again being criticised - again - for penalising early adopters for being quick to purchase new products. It also sets a worrying precedent for the future.

What's being called the "January Software Upgrade", suggesting others to follow in the year to come, to the annoyance of over three-quarters of the Pocket-lint readers, costs UK customers £12.99.

One iPod touch owner is not taking Apple's new policy lying down and has created an online petition to protest the charges.

Stating that "I think that Apple is doing a really nasty thing charging for the apps. Why do iPhone users not have to pay anything but iPod touch users have to?" the e-petition has collected nearly 3000 signatures so far.

An Apple spokesperson said to Pocket-lint: "With the iPod touch the new applications represent a significant upgrade to existing functionality adding communications capability to the world's best iPod. The iPhone already combines these elements".

What do you think? Are you happy to pay for firmware improvements if they bring new features or do you think they should be free? Is Apple getting greedy? Have your say on our "Chat" forums...