A new gadget that promises to offer a quiet but resourceful way to charge your gadgets is to be launched at CES in Las Vegas.

Called the HydroPak, the portable power product has been incorporates a unique water-activated cartridge system that can be used to as a high energy alternative to lead acid battery packs and portable generators.

According to its makers the HydroPak system, together with each cartridge will offer enough energy to recharge an average laptop computer 8 to 10 times, and well as being quieter, more efficient and more environmental friendly than standard generators.

The HydroPak is designed with a common AC outlet and two USB connectors to charge or operate low power devices such as portable lights, notebook computers, portable televisions and ad hoc communications networks for more than 14 continuous hours when needed.

The planned retail pricing of $400 for the system and $20 for the disposable cartridges.

The company also says it is working on a HydroPak Mini, for use in consumer devices such as cell phones, PDA's and portable media players.