More than a quarter of UK adults predict that they will receive a battery or mains powered electrical product this Christmas, reveals a national study by the TechGuys, and of the 18-24-year-old age bracket, 38% expect to receive at least one gadget this year.

But - a quarter of women and nearly one in five adults admitted that they'll probably be gnashing their teeth because they can’t make it work.

A quarter of us are already resigned to spending between 30 minutes and five hours just setting our technology up on the big day, says the research by YouGov.

The TechGuys say this has prompted them to offer a support service on Christmas Day itself, with hundreds of technicians on standby to talk people through the difficult process.

"Much of this time can be saved by following some very simple advice", said Tim Fairs from the TechGuys. "Most electrical products these days come with a simple quick-start guide that describes the half a dozen or so simple steps needed to get the device up and running quickly."

"We strongly advise customers not to discard this sheet with the wrapping paper. The next most important advice is to pay very careful attention to the order in which things need to be done. We know that this Christmas, many people will receive laptops, PCs and devices that connect to PCs."

"Following the guidance on the order in which things need to be connected and switched on will save hours of potential frustration."

The new "TechFriend" service, available around the clock over the Christmas period, including on the big day itself, advises people how to get the new gadget up and running as swiftly as possible.

If you get really stuck with your new toys, then a "first aid sheet" with hints and tips can be downloaded from or they can be reached on 08456 024024.