If you liked the Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt we brought you news of a little while ago, but perhaps would prefer to go down the more subtle route, this watch could be for you.

As the site that sells this desirable device states, checking for Wi-Fi is like checking to see if it's raining outside for geeks on the go.

A quick glance at the digital display of this wristwatch will tell you all you need to know about our current WLAN status.

The watch tells you the signal strength at the push of a button, shown as a number from 0 to 8, letting you know exactly what kind of connectivity you can expect or if you need to move a little closer to the access point.

There's also an alarm, and countdown timer, that could be handy to let you know when your paid-for wireless access is coming to an end.

With a steel case and rubber strap band, this handy gadget also tells the time. $29.99, available from ThinkGeek.