2007 started off with a high profile lawsuit and a change in UK law.

Apple is never far from the gadget world's headlines but this time it was splashed over the nationals' front pages with news of alleged stock options backdating. The lawsuit claimed that "improper timing of options was common at Apple Computer for years". And this time, it was four of the top executives who stood under the jury's glare.

Meanwhile in the UK, the government hiked up the penalties for being caught chatting on your mobile phone whilst driving. From 27th February, those caught driving and dialing would be it with a £60 fixed-penalty fine and three points on their license.

But CES and Macworld also gave the blog world plenty to chatter about.

As the next-gen home cinema format war got more real, if not less expensive, for the consumer, LG and Warner offered a shining light for confused consumers.

First up was LG with a dual format player, which was unveiled just days after the company announced the Super Multi Blue Dual-Format Drive for use in PCs. However, it was the dual-format player which also supported both Blu-ray and HD DVD format, that wowed the crowds (though not other manufacturers committed to just one format).

The BH100 was given a price tag of around $1200 – was this too big a price to pay to end consumer confusion over the format war?

Days later, Warner launched a hybrid HD DVD Blu-ray disc - the Total Hi Def disc.

Apple then hit the headlines again but this time for the first ever appearance of the iPhone (and was promptly sued by Cisco which claimed to have trademarked the name).

And Apple kept our attention with its second big launch – Apple TV (formerly known as "iTV") delivering music, pics and video direct to your TV. It arrived a month later, priced $299.

For gadget-lovers, however, it was the Prada fashion phone from LG that beckoned to blingers while UK gamers salivated over the details for the long-awaited PS3.

And finally, Vista made its historic, 6-years-in-the-making appearance on 30 January.