O’Neill Europe has announced the launch of the NavJacket, a "dedicated navigation tool" integrated into a Gore-Tex jacket.

The result of partnership between O'Neill's Wearable Electronics Department, the "H Division" and MyGuide, the high-tech jacket allows the wearer to "easily" navigate through the mountains with the help of the integrated display on the sleeve and the audio instructions in the hood.

The claim is that the wearer simply enters their desired location and then lets the NavJacket guide them effortlessly down the slopes.

As well as directions, the GPS module can inform wearers of current speed, up-to-date local weather forecasts, and in-depth details about the route, such as distance and time and will be shown on the flexible display sleeve.

And, hooking up a mobile phone to the GPS unit, 3D views of the resorts as well as points of interest throughout the resort will also be available.

The NavJacket will be tested the coming winter season on selected areas in the Alps and the plan is for it to be available to buy as part of the O'Neill Fall/Winter 2008/09 collection.