If you aren't a big fan of ironing, then you're going to love the DrIron by Fagor.

The DrIron promises to dry and iron your clothes at the same time so you don't have to slave over an ironing board in front of the TV.

The device works using a condensation system that extracts moisture from clothing during the drying process and converts it into water, which can either be collected in a removable container within the appliance, or through a drainage if plumbed in.

Shirts have special arm inserts, which are easily positioned, while trousers and skirts have their own hanging clips that are then placed on internal rails.

There is a basket for underwear and smaller items, while sheets and table cloths are hung over the rails in a dedicated position.

According to the manufacturers the DrIron will take up to 120 minutes to produce ready to wear clothing and crinkle free laundry.

How much? Yours for £1500.