A talking penguin is the latest Linux loving gadget to hit the market.

For the £89.95, the Tux Droid will sit on your desk and, using open source software, will receive and interpret an array of information from the internet.

This felt-covered, gorgeous-looking gadget uses wireless technology to fetch information. The wireless is enabled by a USB transmitter (which is, of course, designed to look like a fish), and which will transmit information to the penguin from anywhere in your home.

And he (or she) will then let you know if something news has arrived - whether news reports, weather bulletins or emails - by dnacing, flashing, flapping his little wings or spinning on the spot.

The Tux Droid is also a wireless VoIP phone, an alarm clock and can be used a speaker for MP3s. And, thanks to its sound sensors, the penguin can be set to squawk if there is an intruder in your home.

And if this wasn't enough, this furry friend uses text-to-speech software to speak (in 12 different languages), and so can let you know of appointments in your calender.

The Tux Droid comes with an IR receiver and transmitter, and remember it is only, uinfortunately, compatible with Linux run systems.