Divorce and separations have been become commonplace in modern life - but what happens to all the gadgets and gizmos in your home when things go wrong?

Pixmania has provided a solution with its new legally binding, downloadable pre-nup - the E-Nup - a first in the UK.

The lawyer who penned the contract is Vanessa Lloyd Platt, from Lloyd Platt & Co. Solicitors. She explained: "Together with the house and car, gadgets are the new battleground".

"We handle 500 divorces each year and in my 29 years as a divorce lawyer, Christmas is the most popular time for separations. It makes sense to protect your belongings before you commit or split. Doing so can save heartache and hassle in the long run."

Ulric Jérome, managing director of Pixmania, added that signing the agreement should be compared to getting your beloved gadgets insured.

He continued that the UK was the obvious place to launch the contract as the Brits spend the most on gadgets and "online gadget spending this Christmas is set to break all previous records".

The average British couple now owns three television sets, two MP3 players, two DVD players, one video recorder, one
digital camera, one personal computer and two hi-fis.

Lloyd Platt concluded: "English courts do not like deciding how people should divide their gadgets, but where they do, evidence of who bought the item or a document outlining who will get what, will be very strong evidence. I believe written agreements like the E-Nup will stop the increase in gadget wars once and for all".