Lindy Electronics has launched two "handy" devices that come complete with - somewhat randomly - built-in vanity mirrors.

The USB 57-in-1 (!) Mirror Card Reader and USB 4 Port Mirror Hub are both compatible with PCs and Macs, and come complete with USB cabling.

"When we asked our development team to come up with a compact device we didn’t really expect them to literally deliver a 'compact'. Fortunately, they didn’t include the powder too", quipped a Lindy wit.

"It’s very handy for checking you haven’t left a bit of Marmite on your chin or seeing what your work colleagues are up to behind your back."

The LINDY USB 57-in-1 Mirror Card Reader, part no 42973 is available now from Lindy's site for £14.99 while the USB 4 Port Mirror Hub, part no 42993, is £9.99.