One of the biggest complaints from bespectacled skiers and snowboarders is what to do with glasses when you don the essential goggles. Of course, you could wear contacts, but if you drop one in the snow, well, you’d have a miserable time finding it again. Enter Bollé piste left with their RX Adaptor.

Sounding like something you’d find strapped to the back of a 1982 Ford Fiesta, the RX Adaptor is actually a device to place prescription lenses into your goggles (or indeed some types of sunglasses), meaning you have the security of a regular pair of glasses secured inside your Bollé goggles. Several different models of Bollé goggles are available to take the Adaptor.

In the past the solution for glasses wearers was often to buy a pair of goggles that had a cut-out for the arms to go over your ears. If you crashed, of course, you’d have to worry about smashing the frames against your face as well as the general discomfort.

Worry no more. Head down to your optician to purchase the simple RX Adaptor and head for the hills. Prices from £16 plus your prescription lens costs.