Remember that alarm clock that launched with the voice of Stephen Fry as a formal butler, regretfully informing the owner in oh-so-polite terms that it's time to rise?

Well, now there's a version aimed at women that offers the same kind of mock spoken voice comedy, but with a female angle, also voiced by the wonderful Mr Fry.

Somewhat cliched, the phrases include: "Good morning, Madam. Let me draw the curtains and pour your tea. There are two little croissants from your special supplier which have no calories whatsoever. In the pot is a special sort of jam that consumes more calories than it produces".

And: "Good morning, Madam. Your physician rang again, he says your physical health needs immediate attention. It is his clinical advice that you purchase a series of new shoes. If you fail to complete the course, he says he cannot answer for the consequences".

The "Good Morning, Madam" version is available for for £40, link to site below where you can hear a sample of the audio.