The new "digiscribble" pen is described as an innovative new way of capturing handwritten notes and diagrams using a regular ink pen, then, later when you return to your PC, upload them and with the press of a button convert handwritten notes into text.

The handheld device uses ordinary paper and ink and can "learn" your natural handwriting to digitally convert your copy with what's claimed to be amazing accuracy.

Once converted into editable typed text you can then export your work straight into programs such as Word or Outlook.

The pen can be used in either "Pen Mode" when it's being used portably or "Mouse Mode" - when it's connected.

In Pen Mode the device can capture up to 50 pages of A4 before needing to be downloaded. The included MyScript software even learns your handwriting and allows you to create your own handwriting profile and dictionary.

The Mouse Mode works with Vista, and turns the digiscribble into a mouse with hovering and two button functionality.

In Mouse mode you can write directly into Windows Vista Journal, and other Tablet PC applications. It also works with Microsoft's "digital ink handwriting software" available in some versions of Windows Vista and Office 2007 enabling you to hand write directly into applications such as word and insert as text.

The digiscribble is available now from for £59.95.