If you want to keep up your fitness regime whilst planted firmly at your desk, Gamercize thinks it has the answer.

The GZ PC-Sport & Power Stepper is a "discreet" exercise machine linked, for the first time, to a computer keyboard or a mouse.

Possibly considered some kind of torture in some societies, the function of the GZ device is that if you stop stepping then the keyboard or mouse ceases working.

Described as a "true electronic motivator", stepping on the device can apparently burn up to 400 calories an hour.

The GZ PC-Sport hooks up via USB with claimed "plug and play" ease of use and requires no additional software.

A variety of modes and levels offers "Trainer" mode, as well as user-set options.

Available from Monday 12th November, the GZ PC-Sport & Power Stepper combination costs £99.90 plus delivery from