As part of our iPhone coverage in the lead up to the launch on 9th November, we are bringing you an accessory a day we feel is worth considering.

The iTrip Auto Universal Plus from Griffin, and available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse nationwide, is one such peripheral.

Griffin's iTrip range broadcasts music from any MP3 player to an open FM frequency on a vehicle's FM stereo so it can be played through the stereo speakers.

Thanks to iTrip Auto Universal Plus, the iPhone can now be used for the same purpose.

The headphone cable fits directly into the iPhone and it is possible to charge when traveling by simply plugging in the iPhone's sync cable to the iTrip's built-in USB port.

A simple way to get your iPhone's tunes onto your car sound system, and for a relatively simple price - £29.99.

For a chance to win Griffin's range of iPhone accessories, including the iTrip Auto Universal Plus, see the competition link below...