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(Pocket-lint) - Transparent Distribution has announced it is offering a new range of products from the Advance Acoustics range. The new iPod-friendly devices are as follows...

All-in-One EZY-7 Music Center

Claiming to utilise the simplicity of the iPod, the EZY-7 provides the amplification in the form of 2 x 50w RMS, an AM/FM RDS tuner and iPod dock compatible with all iPod products. The EZY-7 has a suggested price of £399.99.

Stereo amplifier MAP305DA II

Said to be the most cost effective, integrated amplifier, this offers on-board digital to analogue converter for the high end conversion of all your digital sources.

2 x 100w RMS couples with the "neutrality and transparency" offered by class AB operation, the 305 is priced at £599.99.

CD player MCD-203 II

Described as a "true high end CD player but at a very sensible price", Transparent Distribution hopes the MCD-203 II will give much higher priced alternatives a real run for their money.

Offering 24bit/192kHz sampling, an anti-resonant chassis for greater stability, valve output for detailed sound and a drive mechanism with three independent motors, the price tag is £399.99.

MIP Station II Tube Preamplifier

The "market's first real Hi Fi docking station built for i-Pod" claim might ruffle a few feathers. Incorporating a valve output on the preamplifier stage, iPod dock/power supply and IR remote control for all iPod functions, the MIP Station II is £249.99.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott. Originally published on 1 November 2007.