A British company is hoping to offer skiers and snowboarders a way of tracking not only where they are, but how fast they going on the slopes this season with the launch of a new GPS device.

Called Satski, the "Satnav for the mountain" comes with a large square touchscreen display and will give users an interactive piste map, as well as allowing them to track their journey down the slope.

Like GPS for the car, users will be able to see where they are on the mountain, average ski speed, maximum speed achieved, distance, attitude, distance skied and alititude climbed/descended and more.

Users will also get a CD of their stats to put into Google Earth or Excel to show off to mates.

In addition to helping lost skiers, the unit will also come packed with information on the mountain, the resort and nearby bars to frequent.

However it won't be for the thrifty on a budget. Those looking to buy the unit that has a promised battery life of 4-6 hours will have to spend big; £1500 big.

Satski are hoping that customers looking to plan routes down the mountain and avoid the black runs will instead spend up to 40 euro a day hiring one when they next take to the slopes next year.

The unit will also have an MP3 player, and come with Connect 4 to play when you're bored on the ski lift.

Although with the unit being neither shock or waterproof we would suggest you take out any insurance the rental company offers.