Route 66 has let us know that it will soon be announcing the launch of its new MINI and MAXI ranges of ultra-slim navigators.

The new personal navigation devices will run on the same award winning software used to power the Nokia 6110 Navigator handset and will offer a Lonely Planet tie-in with free guides.

Described as "sleek", the new devices will measure just 19 millimetres thick and have a brushed-steel finish. With either a 3.5-inch screen (the MINI) or 4.3-inch widescreen (the MAXI) both are suitable for pedestrian and in-car navigation.

The MINI and the MAXI will both be available in regional (UK and Ireland maps) and European (all of Europe map) versions.

Users who purchase the MINI or MAXI regional versions can download additional maps, for one city, or an entire country should holiday plans require it.

More info, pricing and availability to be announced nearer the time.