Not only does this product look cool, it


cool. Packed with built-in GPS, an LCD screen, magnetic north sensors and electronic accelerometers the MySky is a high-tech virtual tour guide to starry skies.

The MySky will figure out its location and time via GPS then will operate in three different modes; Identify, Find, and Guided Tour.

In "Identify" Mode you will be presented with a real time LCD view of the night sky, complete with constellations. Simply point it to the object of choice in the real sky, and shoot.

The "Guided Tour" points out of the best objects available to you at the moment based on your location, date and time.

Finally, if you want to locate a specific object (planet, comet, galaxy, etc) you can navigate through the menus, select the item and your MySky will point out its location in the real sky.

This amazing gadget costs $399 - and -


is only available to ship to the US. No fair.