The Vibro Exerciser is a new product in the Carl Lewis range of Home Fitness equipment that can claims to give you up to 70% more benefit than regular exercise.

The blurb goes that vibration training has been established as being effective and efficient in achieving muscular development and flexibility and can also reduce fatty tissue and improve circulation.

The Vibro taps into your "subconscious muscle responses" by generating vibrations that are transferred from the Vibro's platform into the body.

Muscles are forced to react up to 70% more than with normal exercise as you squat or lean onto the vibrating machine.

As a result the claim is that this machine can build up muscle strength and performance, and enhance blood flow through the body.

The Vibro Exerciser is made up of a 50 x 54 x 120cm plate that evenly distributes vibrations around the body. It has 16 speed levels and four automatic workout programmes.

The Vibro Exerciser is aimed at both fitness beginners as well as competent regular exercisers - it's available now from £149.