If you like the idea of fresh herbs grown yourself but don't have green fingers, one company is about to come to your rescue with the AeroGarden.

Claiming to be the "world's first indoor smart garden" the AeroGarden is a miniature garden designed for complete beginners that promises to not only flower or fruit every time, but also to yield you a crop anytime of the year in half the time it takes to grow them in a regular pot.

The secret is that the AeroGarden's on board computer control nutrient delivery, water flow and even lighting to simulate the sun. All you have to do is add water and nutrients when it tells you.

Available sometime before Christmas at iwoot.com for £119, would-be gardeners will only be able to grow specially potted seeds available from the company behind the garden. and will be able to choose from tomatoes, flowers, and herbs with strawberries promised in the new year.

Although not available as yet in the UK, the company also plans to launch a MasterGarden version, which according to a spokesman, will allow you to grow your own seeds and cuttings.