Hercules is launching the first handheld wireless DJing controller with a cordless headset.

This special edition is an upgraded version of the current Mobile DJ MP3 and includes an important DJ feature: a preview function via the cordless headset.

The track preview function enables the user to preview and select the next track via the cordless headset while the current track is playing.

Described as a great way for "at-home" DJs to enjoy parties while honing their music mixing skills, the wireless headphones allow said DJ to mingle on the dancefloor instead of being stuck behind the decks, so to speak.

Once connected via USB to the PC, the RF transmitter lets the DJ control the music from anywhere in the room viewing track info on the device’s dual display.

There's an "Automix" function should the urge to enter in to an extended body-popping session become to great.

Including software, the Hercules Mobile DJ Preview Ed. will be available at the end of October 2007 for around £80.