Hercules has launched two affordable new webcams - the Deluxe Optical Glass and the Classic Silver models.

These two webcams both feature a built-in microphone and are compatible with Windows Vista and video chat software including Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and AOL.

With a frame rate reaching 30 frames per second and a video resolution of up to 800 x 600 pixels, they are both also capable of taking 1.3-megapixel still images.

Boasting a streamlined appearance and an sleek, metallic design, each device offers a universal clamp for easy attachment to laptops, flat screens or CRT screens.

The Deluxe Optical Glass and the Classic Silver offer 360° horizontal rotation and 60° vertical rotation angles. With their 1.80 metre cable, these devices can be used with any desk top or laptop computer and can be used in low-light conditions.

The Deluxe Optical Glass webcam differs from the Classic Silver webcam due to its additional specifications: genuine glass lens, included headset with microphone and automatic face tracking feature - as well as 3x zoom.

The Hercules Classic Silver will be available in September 2007 for £14.99 and the Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass will be available in October 2007 for £19.99.