"Retro-mania" is being blamed for the return of the "iconic" Seventies musical (and we use that term loosely) instrument that is the Stylophone.

The original pocket electronic organ was made famous by Rolf Harris, who even produced his own-branded versions of the squealing device.

Since used by David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Pulp the instrument has been out of fashion for a long time - but HMV are plotting a revival and are relaunching the little device into stores.

Their Stylophone includes original features such as the "Vibrato", hand tuning but now features an MP3 function allowing you to play along to any music as well as two new and exclusive Stylophone sounds.

The new model also includes volume control. This might not sound that exciting, but if you've ever used an original - with the hand-over-the-speaker volume method - it's a big improvement.

From mid September, HMV stores nationwide will exclusively stock the classic white version of the Stylophone for £14.99.