The Efergy meter is a new, easy to install, compact monitor that allows the user to see electricity consumption in real time.

The Efergy meter is made of three components: a portable display monitor, a sensor which is clipped around the power cable feeding electricity into the premises, and a transmitter which is connected to the sensor and which sends the information to the monitor.

The data on the screen of the Efergy meter is refreshed every 5 seconds, so the impact on power usage of turning an electrical appliance on or off can be seen immediately.

By pressing the green Efergy button on the monitor, the real-time power load can be shown as total kW, or as pence per kWh, or as emissions measured in terms of kg of carbon dioxide.

Once set up, the transmitter has a range of 40 metres and can be set to suit the user's own maximum kW consumption level so that an alarm will go off if this is exceeded.

Unlike other similar products on the market, the Efergy has a built-in memory, so that users can build up an accurate profile of their own electricity usage over time which, if your aim was to reduce your energy consumption, might prove to be motivational aid.

The Efergy meter costs £44.95 plus £2.95 P&P.