Pocket-lint has racked up almost 100 news stories from IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany, so what are the highlights of the show? What technology should you be getting excited about in the run up to Christmas - and before a host of new tech gets announced at CES 2008.

On the TV front there is plenty to get excited about. Pioneer's new Kuro G8 Plasmas have gone 1080p and if the displays on the company's stand were anything to go by they are very impressive. Meanwhile Samsung's LED television might come with a 16% premium, but will be surprised if once seen anyone will want one of its cheaper models.

Sharp's putting its hope in the future with a prototype LCD television that is just 20mm thick and 29mm thick at the thickest part. Expected to be available on the market in 2010 the television promises to revolutionise the space we give to televisions in our homes as well as spurring other manufacturers to follow suit.

Taking design at the heart of its appeal is the Philips Aurea, the next step in the company's Ambilight offering. Bringing the LED lighting system that changes colour with what's on screen, some industry commentator have said that it looks more like a fairground attraction in your living room than a TV, but either way its very pretty.

Blu-ray - now there is a buzzword, with virtually every manufacturer bar Toshiba and Onkyo offering Blu-ray players. Sony kicked off the show with the launch of two new standalone players priced at £399 and £499, while companies such as Sharp, Loewe, Samsung and Denon all had models on stand to show off.

Samsung following hot on the heads of LG and its Super Multi Blue dual HD DVD and Blu-ray player launched its dual player called Duo. The player, which will offer full support including the interactive features will cost just £100 more than Sony's top of the line player and if the performance can match the aggressive price will be one to watch.

Moving away from TVs and home cinema and there are plenty of products to get you excited. On the MP3 front Creative's new Zen player offers the same size screen as Apple's 5th Generation iPod in a device the size of a credit card. While Sony announced the ditching of its Connect service and ATRAC format in favour of embracing WMA and Apple AAC file formats. Elsewhere Samsung showed off new players, actually announced before the show.

Keeping with the small and mobile, Texas Instruments showed off their Pico Projector that fits in a mobile phone for the businessman who needs to do presentations on the go. Unfortunately for PowerPoint fans it's not going to be ready anytime soon, and Datawind showed off the PocketSurfer 2 an internet surfing device that gives you broadband speeds over GPRS with some funky work via a proxy server.

Also on the concept board for the time being is Casio's latest digital camera that promises a whopping 60 frames per second capture rate. Coming with a 12x optical zoom and 6 megapixel sensor it's going to be a sports fan's dream, while other cameras from Nikon, Kodak and Panasonic also made an appearance.

Keeping with the digital imaging side of things, Digital photo frames made a strong-ish showing with Toshiba, Philips, Kodak and others all touting their wares.

Sat nav manufacturers also came out in force with new units from Mio, TomTom, Navigon, Route 66 and many more. For the design conscious you can now even get a Porsche Designed option.

Finally there is always one crazy gadget award for every show cover and this IFA it has to be the WaveTV. What is it? Well it's a microwave with a built in DVD player, SD card reader and of course a 10.2-inch LCD TV. Bonkers!

Additional reporting by Amy-Mae Elliott.