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(Pocket-lint) - In a case of what has to be the worse product name slip-up ever, German MP3 player maker TrekStor briefly unveiled a new MP3 player called the i.Beat blaxx.

Probably only likely to be a hit with Ku Klux Clan members or BNP, the small 2Gb or 4GB MP3 player will allow you to play music, view images and watch movies on the go.

Although the company has since now told Pocket-lint that it will be changing the name in time for its official launch this week at IFA in Berlin, Germany, at the time of sending out the press release to journalists around the world Daniel Szmigiel, executive director of TrekStor proudly stated:

"i.Beat blaxx precisely reflects the desires of the young, trend-conscious target group we are aiming for."


He later goes on to say, completely unaware of the faux pas, that the player is idea for "Those who wish to do a lot more with their MP3 players than just listen to music".

Tech spec wise, the player, which is a cross between the Samsung K3 and the now defunct Olympus m:robe will feature a 1.3-inch screen plays MP3, WMA, Ogg, and WAV and SMV files, has a built in FM tuner.

Other features allow you to record from the radio into WAV files and a Line-in and Voice Recorder so you can transfer your favourite CD's without a computer. The blaxx also sports a battery Life of 15 hours.

The i.Beat blaxx will cost around £70 for the 2GB version and £120 for the 4GB variant.

Writing by Stuart Miles.