Timex has launched a new watch for those serious about recording every facet of information about their training sessions.

Called the Timex Bodylink, the new watch GPS and heart rate monitor promises to recording navigational information, speed and distance information and how your heart copes with it all at the same time.

Key features of the new kit include the ability to measure the rate of ascent and descent, GPS provided altitude and latitude and longitude measurements and actual, average and maximum speed, current pace, average pace and maximum pace.

You'll also be able to get a predictive finish time thanks to the included GPS module.

The Heart Rate Monitor will feature average heart rate per lap, in zone and of total workout, Preset workouts, customisable heart rate zones and automatic settings for five training zones.

Not forgetting the watch, it features 100hr chronograph, 100 lap memory, linked interval times, 5 alarms, Indiglo night light with night-mode and water resistant 50m.