Advanced MP3 Players has announced that the iRiver Clix 2 8GB MP3 Player is now available in the UK.

This ultra slim 13mm thick MP3 player is bit different from the usual offerings with its D-click operating concept and 2.2-inch screen 320 x 240 resolution AMOLED screen.

The Clix D-Click controls, an iRiver technolgoy, are operated by clicking the screen in four directions.

AMOLED is a new display technology that emits light at a very high rate, which should mean no image ghosting or blurring in fast-moving scenes.

In addition, AMOLED boasts excellent visibility during sunny days and clear picture quality at every angle.

You can customise the Clix to your heart's content - change the fucntion of the buttons and change the icons, backgrounds, skins and fonts used on the player and can even add Flash Lite animations.

The Clix claims to provide powerful bass, 7 mode EQ along with User EQ and 3D sounds via effects including SRS HD.

There's an FM tuner that offers timed recording, 30fps playback for movies, support for album art,

Clix supports MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, Audible and Ogg Vorbis music codecs and offers up to 24 hours music playback and
5 hours video playback.

£179, link below.