Got tons of cassettes in shoe-boxes under the bed/in the loft/in a classy black wood sideboard in the lounge?

Us too, so like us you might be happy to know that you can digitise the music trapped on your old cassettes with the miraculous USB Cassette Deck from Firebox.

Simply plug this double tape deck into your computer and you can start converting tapes into MP3s faster than you can say "I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar".

Firebox claim it's even easier than the old "Rec" and "Play" finger stretch we all got so good at back in the day.

Suitably Eighties-styled, the USB Cassette Deck has authentic slow-opening doors, a tape counter and metal/CrO2 tape selector.

With two decks, if you're not quite ready to give up the Eighties yet you can even record from tape to tape for additional retro reminiscing.

Plug and play with no special drivers required, the USB Cassette Deck comes with idiot-proof Audacity and EZ Tape Converter software.

This allows you to archive your recordings directly into iTunes in a few clicks - rediscover the soundtrack to your youth - £99.95, link below.