What are some of the ways where you can show your love towards mother earth?

Other than use a greener vehicle (or better still an electric powered car) there are tons of other action items such as picking up goods made from recycled items, using recycled paper, reduce the use of plastics, the list
goes on.

Sending tin cans to the nearest recycling centre also works, but instead of lugging a whole bag around, why not crush and compress them into a more manageable size?

This is where the Frog Can Crusher comes in, featuring an rather cute green amphibian that comes complete with friendly eyes and a smile.

When not in use, it sits there, ready to jump. Just raise its body up and place a can underneath it, using your body weight to crush the can into a compact form factor.

If only it came with some sort of insect catching mechanism as well - now that'd truly make it one useful device to have around the home.

The Frog Can Crusher retails for around $23 after conversion and can be purchased online from Japan.