There are a number of people who collect bottles of vintage wine, and yet lack a cellar to store them in the correct manner.

It is somewhat akin to purchasing Ferraris without having a proper garage to store those beauties.

Spiral Cellars aim to offer a solution (for the wine, and not the Ferraris) by, crudely speaking, digging a hole directly under your floor.

This can be in the kitchen, lounge, garage, or other ground floor areas.

Each excavated hole is capable of holding up to 1600 bottles of wine inside a spiral stairway cellar system.

This stairway was specially built to prevent any water from seeping in, using a pre-cast cylindrical system that can be installed into the mentioned excavated hole.

This system uses the earth to work as a natural insulator, while the use of an air-flow system means you don't have to fork out extra to power it.

Sounds as though not every house will be able to take advantage of such services though - so don't throw away your Ikea wine rack just yet.