The Apple rumour mill never rests for long and the latest Apple-flavoured news coming from cyberspace is regarding those new nanos we're due.

Regular readers will remember that the new nano is said to be 2-inches square with a scroll wheel and will have video-playing capabilities.

Depending on which particular rumour you believe the new nano will either still come in the same 4 and 8GB varieties or, as Taiwanese sources state, will be upped to 16GB.

Creative and Cowon have recently released 16GB flash-based models of their popular players, so its not out of the question for Apple to do the same.

It seems that 9to5Mac have an inside track on the new nano colour schemes - previously stated to be a refresh from the tones on offer now.

Black and silver will be staple colours of the new line, with a cranberry/wine red version plus a lighter blue and a lighter green of the shades currently available (mock-ups pictured right).

These new nano offerings leave room for that long awaited touchscreen iPod at the top of the range, said to like a "phoneless iPhone" and apparently called the iPod Touch.

So when can you hope to see these new models? Soon, by all accounts, iPods have seen a price reduction, in the States at least, that could only be Apple-initiated, suggesting they're clearing stock for a new line.

The Apple Expo is due to take place in France from September 25th to the 29th and although Apple has not used this event as a launching ground for new products lately, MacRumours thinks it could be a possible venue for the new nano announcements.

In addition to the new iPod products, it could also be the launch pad for the much-awaited full-length films on iTunes in Europe - oh, and that little thing that is the European iPhone announcement.

Stay tuned...