The Boblbee Solar is a weatherproof iPod case, but as its name might suggest, it also has solar charging abilities.

As well as offering hard-case protection for your precious 'pod thanks to its shock and waterproof design, it can charge it too.

It has a belt loop type attachment for handsfree listening which would no doubt be handy if you were out in the wilds (and away from the threat of muggers).

The curved solar panel should fully charge you iPod after about eight to ten hours on a sunny day.

Although this might sound like a long wait for a full battery, (a) you wouldn't complain if you were out in the wilderness and (b) it's not a lot more than other solar chargers on the market.

It boasts LED lights to let you know when it's charging and will tell you how much juice you've got at the press of a button.

You can also plug it in as well, if you wanted to give it a good boost before a trip out yonder, perhaps.

Sadly, no pricing or availability info for the Boblbee Solar yet on the site below.