The Standby Buster is an energy-saving electrical socket from Ivy Energy Saving.

It will help to save you time and money, whilst helping to reduce unnecessary energy consumption from electrical devices left on standby in your home.

With this device you don't need to spend time going around the house turning off each lamp, TV and DVD player before you go to bed.

This easy to use, remote-controlled electrical socket lets you switch off multiple appliances completely rather than leaving them in standby mode - all from a single button press.

Available to buy now for £14.99, Standby Buster boasts a certified electricity consumption of less than one Watt as approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

It addition to stopping all your left on stand by gadgets sucking power from the National Grid and adding to global warming effect, this handy gadget could save you up to £40 a year.

Sockets are simply plugged into existing power outlets allowing any connected appliances to be switched on and off using the remote control.

Sockets can also be grouped together into "zones" letting you switch off as many electrical appliances and lamps as you choose using one of the four buttons on the Standby Buster remote.

Standby Buster uses Radio Frequency (RF) rather than Infra-Red (IR) to switch appliances on and off, so it is not impaired by objects in its way.

Standby Buster is available to buy now via the link below and will be on sale in ASDA stores in September this year.