Magellan has announced the launch of a new GPS receiver series aimed at outdoor modern-day explorers with the help of National Geographic.

The Triton series will get six new rugged, handheld navigation devices packed with National Geographic topographic maps and have been designed with a new user interface with full-colour, touchscreen controls and the ability to record and attach audio to waypoint files.

Other features include a built-in 2MB pixel camera, digital compass, barometer and built-in LED flashlight.

Continuing the rugged theme, the devices will also be IPX-7 rated and water submersible.

Triton is also the first Magellan handheld GPS to feature the new, free map and content management application, VantagePoint, which enables users to upgrade and share information to and from their Magellan units.

According to the company VantagePoint will allow Triton users to download additional maps onto their devices, as well as upload stored treks, waypoints and other recorded media.

The top of the range model will be called the Triton 2000 and will be available in America in September and Europe in October.

Ready to use out of the box with built-in base maps, the Triton 2000 features a 2.7-inch QVGA touchscreen. The unit will retail for $499 in the US while a UK price point as yet to be set.

At the bottom of the range is the Triton 200 which loses the digital camera, torch and some of the touchscreen capabilities. It runs on two AA batteries and will cost $129 in the US.

Filling the breech in the middle is the Triton 1500, Triton 500, Triton 400 and Triton 300.