Setting off your fire alarm because you've burnt the toast should be a thing of the past if fire alarm make FireAngel has its way.

The UK company, has created a toast-proof smoke alarm that operates by reflecting light off smoke particles.

According to FireAngel, toast-proof alarms are less likely to cause false alarms from kitchen fumes, which are the main cause of people removing batteries and potentially putting their families in danger.

"With traditional ionisation smoke detectors even the simplest of cooking tasks such as toasting bread can result in a nuisance alarm even though no smoke is visible. The optical alarm operates by reflecting light off smoke particles and is therefore less prone to alarm in such conditions, " the company said.

The company recommends that households have one of their new "Toast Proof" optical alarms downstairs (of course) and ionization alarms upstairs to have the optimum protection from different types of fire.