Available in two designs, a messenger-style bag and a backpack, these new offering from Voltage love your iPod.

Both version feature integrated, stitched-in control panels that allow you to control your iPod remotely.

This means you can adjust volume, rewind, fast-forward and skip tracks without having to root around in your bag for your iPod.

Each Voltage Bag contains a special zipped docking section complete with connectors to link your iPod to the exterior control panel.

Simply pop in your player and you're away, the bags use power from your 'pod so you don't need to fuss with batteries, etc, although obviously you might find your iPod runs down more quickly.

The backpack design has a mini-joystick toggle control while the messenger bag boasts a joypad-style controller.

Tech-lovers are also taken care of by the addition of padded laptop sections inside both designs.

The messenger is £49.95 and the backpack a tenner more, link below.