The makers of the MoGo mouse, Newton Peripherals, has launched a new model for business users travelling over the summer.

Called the MoGo Mouse X54 and X54 Pro the new Bluetooth enabled wireless mice have been designed for mobile computer users whose laptops are equipped with an ExpressCard/54 slot.

As before, the new mouse will fit into the available slot for charging and travelling saving you having to put yet another device in your bag.

The mouse has a kickstand that enables it to be transformed from a flat metallic card to a portable mouse and there are two indented finger pads on the mouse to help usability.

The X54 is designed for the consumer and features two modes of operation. A quick press of a button allows it to be used as a remote to change volume, switch between tracks or movie scenes on a DVD.

The X54 PRO is more for the presentation bunnies amongst us and featres a mode that allows it to double up as a presentation clicker complete with laser for pointing at stuff.

Both models feature a scrolling touch pad, auto-on feature to save you the bother and no software drivers needed. They also promise a working range of 10 meters and a battery life of eight to 10 hours.

Available in August, the new models will both cost £54.99.