A recent survey conducted by the Eagle Research Group seems to suggest that a large proportion of Zune owners are not satisfied with their Microsoft-music-machines.

An overwhelming 70% of respondents said that they intend to switch to an iPod, or an iPhone, when their current phone contract expires.

The survey showed that the most appealing feature of the iPhone was not just the phone capabilities, but the interaction with their music collections via the touch navigated Cover Flow.

According to the survey, of the 30% of people who did not want to switch to an Apple device, 22% said it was due to "dislike of all things Apple".

36% of all people polled stated that they would not have purchased Zune if they knew Apple was going to produce the iPhone.

The information from this survey comes at the same time that Microsoft have supposedly confirmed the existence, and coming-soon launch, of the second generation Zune.